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Compass Bible Church

This Weekend

March 3, 2024

Time: 10:00 am
Address: 10710 Frisco St, Frisco, TX 75033

Do hard things. That's a common refrain in our house, and what we mean by this short, pithy statement is that it's good for our kids to learn to do things they don't always want to do, to do hard things. Well, it just so happens that there are parallels in Christianity. As Christians, we should be ready to do hard things as a part of what it means to follow Jesus.
This weekend's passage will emphasize this point as we encounter the challenging yet encouraging reality that following Jesus is hard. Join us Sunday at 10 AM as we continue our "Jesus Uncensored" series from John 6:52-71.

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*Notes for the upcoming sermon will be posted each Friday at 5 pm

This Week’s Set List

Worship is an outward expression coming from the overflow of the heart. At Compass, our services are times of intentional celebration and remembrance of what Jesus has done for us. Through the songs we sing, we express what we believe about God and confess our need for him. Here’s our set list for the weekend:

This Week’s Kids Min

We have a great lesson this week! After Israel’s idolatry, God said that the people would still enter the land of Canaan, but he said that he would no longer go with them himself. The people were very sad, and Moses knew that without God’s presence, Israel would be no different than the other nations. So Moses prayed, and God answered with kindness: He showed Moses his glory and came with glory into the Tabernacle. God displayed his glory through His holiness, kindness, and bright splendor.