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Compass Bible Church

Kids Ministry

Compass Bible Church

Kids Ministry

Ages 0 through 5th Grade

Meeting Times

Sundays 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Founders Classical Academy of Frisco

Compass Kids Ministry

At Compass Bible Church, our Kids Ministry seeks to plant seeds in every child’s heart that God might one day grow into a passion for Christ. Through an engaging and age-appropriate learning environment, we pursue a deep exploration of God’s word for young learners. With a love for God and a keen desire to nurture the next generation, our volunteers turn every class into an enriching journey toward knowing, loving, and serving God. We invite you to join us in sowing and watering the seeds of faith and praying with us that God will cause them to bloom!

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Led by

Marc Cogan

This Week in Kids Ministry

Your kids will be either blessed or cursed. There is no in-between. Have them join us in Kids Ministry this coming Sunday to learn how they can be blessed by God and avoid his curses. Moses’ second speech to Israel before his own death focused on God’s commandments. He began by explaining that love is the motive and goal of keeping God’s commandments. Now he concludes by showing the results of obedience and disobedience. Those who obey will experience blessings in every aspect of life. Those who disobey will experience failure in every aspect of life. These are the natural results of either holding onto or turning away from God, who is the only source of life.

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About Kids Ministry

What You’ll Experience

Each weekend, you will check your child in and drop them off with their teacher, who will spend the morning with them. After settling in, all the classrooms come together for worship and teaching on the week’s scripture passage from our Kids Ministry Director. After the group time, your child will go back to their individual classroom for snacks and a more in-depth lesson from their teacher. Following the lesson, there will be a coloring page, craft, or fun game, depending on their age, all related to the lesson and designed to help them apply it. When you pick up your child, you will get a lesson guide that goes over the lesson your child heard. It also contains questions for deeper application, prayer, and study as a family throughout the week!


Generations of Grace is a comprehensive curriculum that navigates children through an immersive journey into God’s word. The goal is to teach kids biblical truths and help them apply them in their lives.


Your child’s safety is one of our top priorities. We ensure that all volunteers are well-known to the church leaders, cleared through background checks, and trained in preventing sexual abuse. We also have a dedicated security team and established safety protocols to enhance your child’s safety.

Our Classrooms


In our babies program, we demonstrate Christ’s love through our actions with infants and crawlers. We acknowledge that this could be a child’s first interaction with the world beyond their home, so we provide a safe and caring environment. This allows parents to focus on worship in the sanctuary without distractions. And yes, even the youngest ones get their own brief lessons and a bit of music!

Toddlers & Early Childhood

We firmly believe that even our smallest kids can grasp significant truths about God! From a young age, we unfold the overarching story of the Bible: the creation of the universe by God, His deep-seated love for them, and His ultimate gift – His Son. Our early childhood curriculum is harmonized with all other age groups, yet it’s meticulously tailored to fit their unique developmental stage. We’re confident your children will truly love this experience!

Lower Elementary

We passionately believe that our lower elementary students are more than ready to unravel deeper layers of God’s love and teachings. With this in mind, our classrooms venture into the richness of Scripture, exploring its profound truths. Our tailored curriculum ensures a smooth learning progression, while mindfully adapting to their blossoming cognitive skills. This stage also introduces the joy of camaraderie, as students begin to weave the threads of lifelong friendships. Ultimately, our sincere hope is that each step of this journey will serve to bring glory to God in the life of your child.

Upper Elementary

As our upper elementary students advance, we steer their curiosity towards profound theological concepts, nurturing their spiritual growth. Our enriched program probes deeper into moral values, the essence of faith, and the dynamics of prayer, allowing them to build a robust understanding of God’s teachings. Through their progress and the knowledge they acquire, we aspire for them to reflect God’s glory in their daily lives.

Our Music

Sign Up To Serve


We always need more volunteers for Sunday mornings! Volunteers in the Kids Ministry also participate in a special sermon before the regular service, so you won’t miss out on great preaching on the weeks you serve!


We need volunteers to supervise the children of our student leaders on Wednesdays from 6:20 PM to 8:40 PM. Your help will be invaluable to the families of our leaders who serve our students.

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Our Team

Marc Cogan

Kids Ministry Director

Julia Cogan

Lead Weekend Coordinator

Mikaela Diba

Lead Weekend Coordinator

Allie Trinidad

Lead Weekend Coordinator