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Compass Bible Church


I would say that Partners is awesome, I learned and relearned a lot of valuable Biblical principles. I thoroughly enjoyed having the insight from a Godly Man.

I had a great time working with Phil in the Partners program. I have learned so much during that time and have grown tremendously as a Christian as a result. I feel that I have the tools I need to go forward in my journey.

I wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to have Doug as my partner in the Partner’s program. I can’t imagine a more knowledgeable, more patient, more compatible partner! I’d be happy to take someone through the program.

Thank you, The Partners was a great investment of time, and more so, how God put Jimmy as my partner. I am excited to partner with someone myself.

I really enjoyed Partners and could not have had a better example of a leader. Shawna was awesome!!!!!!! I learned so much and grew in many ways, even though I have been a believer for over twenty years. It got me to really think about my faith and I can’t wait to take somebody else through it.

I am so glad I completed Partners. Initially I was reluctant not understanding that it was for all Christians despite how much experience one has. I thought it was for beginners. But my Bible study leader encouraged me to participate and I am so grateful for that now. Toby was an ideal partner for me. She was well-informed and was always able to answer my questions or lead me in a direction where I can find answers for myself. She was patient with me and flexible with the times we met. The program itself was an eye-opener. I feel it gave me more confidence to be able to share Christianity with those around me.

I found excitement and relevancy in every aspect of the program. The chapters, the memory verses, the deeper studies, etc…I am eager to share this program with another. Chapter 9 was especially valuable to me.

Partners was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life- I became a Christian! I was deceived about being a Christian, and the first chapter in Partners revealed to me that I wasn’t. Jane was the perfect Partner for me. I know God hand-picked her to lead me to Him, and I learned so much from her wisdom.