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Compass Bible Church

Church Center App

Step One: Download App

Please click on the buttons below to go to the App Store for you iPhone or Android device. Once you have installed the app please go to Step 2.

Step Two: Find Compass NTX

Open the Church Center app and click on the button “Get Started” then select “Use My Location” or “Manual“. The app will automatically look for churches in your area, however you can enter “Compass Bible Church” directly in the search field and “92656” in the Address field to find Compass North Texas quicker.

Step Three: Select Compass NTX

Click on the square box that says “Compass Bible Church North Texas” and on the next screen click on the button “This is my church“.

Step Four: Activate Your Account

Enter your phone number to begin activating your account, once you receive the verification code from Planning Center enter it and click on “Next“.

Step Five: Log in!

You are all set! Click on the “log in as…” button and enjoy the benefits of the app. Which include: Groups, Church Directory, Church Calendar, Signing up for events, and event check-in!